About Us

Sheffield Animal Action is an intersectional animal rights and vegan advocacy group.

Our Approach

We campaign against animal exploitation in all its forms and promote veganism with compassion, consideration, and candour. We believe that the vegan movement is fundamentally nonviolent, and that the best way to connect with people is through love and understanding.

Veganism is backed by solid science and consistent moral reasoning. Our goal is to not only educate people about the realities of animal use, but also challenge their underlying belief system (carnism) by provoking critical thinking. In our events we believe that it is most beneficial and conducive to the education of the public in veganism to be friendly, approachable, and relatable.

We are law abiding, and do not seek to offend (we do not use provocative terms such as ‘rape’ or compare the plight of animals to the holocaust) or judge. Our movement is non-discriminatory against other species, races, religions, sexualities, genders, or other demographics of structural oppression.

Our Values

As an intersectional, inclusive group, we do not entertain:

  • Discrimination or intolerance
  • Verbal, physical or sexual abuse
  • Violent or aggressive behaviour
  • Bullying or harassment

Although we are focused upon the animal rights movement, we also show solidarity and overtly support other groups fighting on the front lines in their respective causes. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-fascist, and proud to ally ourselves with all members of the LQBTQ+ community. Any homophobia, transphobia or any intolerance to members of these communities will not be accepted.

We ask that these values are upheld during our events for the sake of the progression of the movement, as well as the wellbeing of our activists and those that they interact with.

If you have a complaint about the behaviour of one of our members, please refer to our complaints procedure and let us know via email. You can also suggest amendments to this page for discussion by the Sheffield Animal Action membership.