The Steering Group

The steering group help with day-to-day administrative functions of the group. This includes:

  • Managing the website and the social media profiles that we operate
  • Managing the budget and running marketing campaigns
  • Creating and assisting with events (run by any member of the group)
  • Overseeing the adoption of our policy and approach
  • Dealing with personnel issues and ensuring the safety of members
  • Liaising with third parties including:
    • The police and community support officers
    • The local council and other authorities
    • The press and other media outlets
    • Local and national animal rights groups
  • Setting the agenda for, organising, and running group-wide meetings

Naturally the steering group will draw upon the skill-base of the whole Sheffield Animal Action membership to achieve all of this.

We aim to keep the steering group representative of the membership, no larger than it needs to be for the group to run smoothly, and experienced in the roles outlined above.

The steering group are not “above” other members, and anyone can run an event under the Sheffield Animal Action flag; you do not need admin access to do so, nor do you need to be in the steering group.