Sheffield Animal Action Presents Petition in Sheffield City Council Meeting

Yesterday marked a major milestone for our campaign to ban all animal circuses from Sheffield. After reaching 201 signatures we were given three minutes to present our petition to the council.

Our speech was immediately followed by a brief response from Councillor Mary Lea (Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure).

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Action Required to Ban Animal Circuses: Petition Update

Sheffield City Council currently allows animal circuses to perform in Sheffield. In 2017 they gave permission to Zippo’s Circus, a circus whose artistic director has a questionable background when it comes to animal abuse, to take over Endcliffe Park.

CALL TO ACTION! Our campaign to ban animal circuses in Sheffield has reached the next stage; on Wednesday 4th July, we will be presenting our petition to the 84 councillors of Sheffield City Council at a council meeting. To show them that the people of Sheffield want to ban all animal circuses in our great city, please email your local councillor to tell them of your support for the petition and the ban! We have prepared a draft email below that we would encourage you to use as a template, but please feel free to write your own or add to this draft. "Dear Councillor, I am writing to ask you to support the petition to Ban Animal Circuses in Sheffield at the Council meeting on 4th July. Myself, and hundreds of other residents of Sheffield believe that the use of animals in circuses is unethical, outdated and unnecessary. Many organisations are against the use of animals in circuses, including the RSPCA, who say: ““We don't believe animals should be subjected to the conditions of circus life. Regular transport, cramped and bare temporary housing, forced training and performance, loud noises and crowds of people are often unavoidable realities for the animals.” Additionally, research over many years by Animal Defenders International shows that behaviours displayed in animals in circuses shows that they are unable to cope with a circus environment and are suffering as a result. They also found that a majority of people (65%) believe that all animal circus acts should be banned, and that many local authorities (39%) across the UK have already taken the step to ban cruel animal circus acts from their areas. I am proud of the progressive, forward-thinking morals that the city of Sheffield embodies and believe that allowing unethical and outdated circus acts with animals, which unarguably cause suffering, is in direct contrast to everything our great city stands for. As an elected councillor, please listen to the wishes of those you represent and support the petition to Ban Animal Circuses in Sheffield. Yours Sincerely," A list of councillors can be found at the link below in the comments, their email addresses can be found by clicking on their picture. (1/2)

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Our petition to ban animal circuses in Sheffield calls on the council to revise their current pro-animals-for-entertainment position and refuse any circus that uses animals, wild or otherwise.

We have collected 201 signatures and are due to present the petition to the 84 councillors of Sheffield City Council at the council meeting on Wednesday 4th July. Before then, we need your help.

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Sheffield Animal Action Website Launched

The official Sheffield Animal Action website has now launched!

We have some big plans for this space going forwards. In particular we plan to develop the resources section of the site and the how-to go vegan page. We are also working on a “why go vegan” area to discuss both the core ethical issues and the environmental and health arguments.

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