Run an Event

Anyone can run a Sheffield Animal Action event. All that we ask is that you adhere to the policy and approach (agreed upon during an open meeting of Sheffield Animal Action members). This ensures that we remain an effective, respectable, and intersectional group.

Please be especially mindful that the event you are planning is inclusive and not aggressive towards non-vegans.

The process to organise a Sheffield Animal Action event is quite simple: just message our Facebook page or post your idea (including details such as when, where, and what you intend to do) to the discussion group and, so long as it meets our guidelines and there are no clashes with other events, a member of the steering group will create it.

Please be patient! The earlier you plan your event the better.

When we make the event we will add your personal account as a co-host so that you can edit the event details should you require. We will also name you in the event description so that everyone knows who is leading it, and who they can turn to if they need any support or experience any difficulties.

Tips for running an event

  • Arrive early to get set-up and welcome the first activist.
  • Begin the event with a prep. talk outlining how you see the event unfolding, what roles everyone can take, and how they should approach them.
  • Identify any first-time activists and make sure that they are comfortable and know what they’re doing. They may wish to shadow you or another experienced person.
  • Make sure you you diffuse any overly confrontational or aggressive situations before they get out of hand. You are in charge of the safety of everyone at the event.
  • Finish the event with a group photo and congratulate everyone on a job well done! An after-event coffee is a great way to wind down.