Sheffield Animal Action Website Launched

The official Sheffield Animal Action website has now launched!

We have some big plans for this space going forwards. In particular we plan to develop the resources section of the site and the how-to go vegan page. We are also working on a “why go vegan” area to discuss both the core ethical issues and the environmental and health arguments.

These will become the natural follow up to our vegan outreach events.

In addition, we are working on a calendar to show all the public vegan activism events on one page so that everyone, whether they use Facebook or not, can keep up to date with everything that is going on across the different activism groups.

On the blog we will be publishing news about anything vegan related in Sheffield alongside updates about our campaigns and events. We may also cover other topics related to veganism and vegan activism.

There will no doubt be some bugs and oddities with the site at the moment. Most of these we will already be aware about and will fix in due course, but feel free to contact us to let us know if you spot anything amiss.