Common Arguments

When speaking to non-vegans, it is not unusual to hear similar arguments time and time again.

If you are a new activist, familiarising yourself with some of these arguments and how you could respond to them can really help build confidence.

The best run-through of these arguments that we know about is Earthling Ed’s free eBook, “30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How to Respond to Them”.

If you don’t know who Earthling Ed is, check him out on YouTube as well. Ed is a full-time vegan activist known for his effective, well researched, and calm approach when talking to non-vegans.

In his eBook he covers:

  • “Can you love animals and eat them?”
  • “Eating animal products is my personal choice”
  • “I like the taste and I couldn’t give it up”
  • “But other animals eat other animals”
  • “We need to eat animal products for nutrition”
  • “It’s tradition / culture”
  • “Our ancestors ate animals / we evolved by eating animals”
  • “Animals would overrun us or go extinct”
  • “Human rights issues are more important”
  • “Plants feel pain”
  • “Animals don’t feel pain & don’t suffer the same as we do”
  • “It’s the food chain”
  • “We’re more intelligent”
  • “We’re doing animals a favour by giving them a life”
  • “Can’t we just improve the lives of animals?”
  • “Morality is subjective”
  • “Everything in moderation”
  • “Can’t be 100% vegan”
  • “What if you were stranded on a desert island?”
  • “Isn’t being vegetarian enough?”
  • “Hitler was a vegetarian / I once knew a vegan who wasn’t very nice”
  • “What about farmer’s jobs?”
  • “It’s the circle of life”
  • “Animals are bred for a purpose”
  • “Soya farming is destroying the environment”
  • “It’s extreme, expensive and difficult to be vegan (plus, why do vegans eat meat substitutes?)”
  • “We’re omnivores with canine teeth”
  • “God says that we can eat animals”
  • “My friends and family won’t like it if I go vegan”
  • “One person can’t make a difference”

He also gives some great tips on effective communication and how to be an effective activist. Reading this eBook will fully prepare you for street activism, and if you’re not vegan you might find that it helps answer some of your questions!

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to read this (or anything else) before coming along to one of our events, as you can always shadow someone, or help out in non-conversational ways, until you feel comfortable.