Vegan in Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the best places in the UK to be vegan. We have an amazing vegan community and a host of vegan places to eat, shops, and businesses.

Sheffield vegan community

Each activism group in Sheffield has a social media presence. In addition to those pages there are a number of purely social or support focused groups that we well worth joining:

Students will want to join either the University of Sheffield Vegetarian and Vegan Society or the Sheffield Hallam Vegan and Vegetarian Society.

Being vegan in Sheffield

Members of the Sheffield vegetarians and vegans Facebook page have created this amazing map to help you find all the different vegan places in Sheffield. Feel free to submit corrections if you find any inaccuracies; these things are always subject to change.

The V-Card

The V-Card is a great discount scheme, which started in Sheffield and has since expanded to Leeds and elsewhere. The V-Card are good friends of ours and have helped raised funds for us to support our activities. Find out more.